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Free downloads: books, reports & brochures
Below you can download for free a number of books, reports, brochures, and some open access publications from the list (⤓) or by clicking on the cover below. For the free publications in French, click here.
'Co-creating Alignment & Synergy, How to realise the Vision of restoring the Earth together. For more details click here.
Co-creating Alignment & Synergy
West Africa
Mali, Sourou Valley
  • PDIDS/EES Summary 10 pages.
  • The need for including organic and ecologically sound land and water uses in an integrated sustainable development plan: the case of the Sourou valley in Mali.
  • Duurzame ontwikkeling en waterbeheer in het Sourougebied in Mali. (Dutch

  • Other PDIDS/EES documents via the website of ICS.
East Africa
  • Options for Alignment and Synergy to increase the impact of PAPAB - A pilot for the Province Cibitoke, Burundi.

  • Mapping baseline data Value Chain stakeholders in Fiji for measuring impact of the project ”Promoting Nutritious Food Systems in the Pacific Islands”.
Period before Trimpact
Below you will find documents that you can download by clicking on the cover photo below or the download icon ().
  • Economics of Land Degradation Initiative: Report for the private sector. Sustainable land management – A business opportunity. GIZ, Bonn.
  • More Food from Fertile Grounds: Integrating approaches in order to improve soil fertility (FGI).

East Africa
  • PIP Approach Brochure
  • PIP Approach - scientific article (⤓)
  • Towards Nutrient Cycle Optimization through Synergies with Sustainable Land Management Stakeholders in Pilot Zones of the Fertile Grounds Initiative in Uganda.

West Africa
  • Competing for limited resources: the case of the Fifth Region of Mali.
    • Report 2. Plant, livestock & fishery production. (⤓)
    • Report 4. Development scenarios. (⤓)

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