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Impact can be increased when we can build on results of other organisations. However, we don’t always know the exact activities, objectives and results (outputs/outcomes) of the various parties in a given territory. This implies that we lose both their results and the potential collaboration force, despite the fact that most of these parties thrive for the same goal or goals.

From overview to improved planning     

The Development Synergy & Alignment Tool (DevSAT®) is dynamic online tool that allows the use to take stock of emergence aid, development, research and commercial activities in one or more countries (‘who is doing what, where, when and how for whom’). Activities are described in detail, linked to the National Development Plans and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and geo-referenced at the lowest administrative unit of the specific country.

DevSAT® shows the main characteristics of projects supplemented with site-specific (village level) activity details to enable analyses to increase synergy and alignment. The tool can also be used to filter the project details and map various projects dimensions.

It is an interactive tool that various stakeholders (government, funders, NGOs, OneUN, research organizations, etc.) can use to start interacting, sharing knowledge (lessons learnt), and dialoguing and plan actions towards common goals within a given territory.

DevSAT® provides a multi-layered map of projects linked to the National Plans and SDGs within a given territory, and shows linkages between those projects. It can also show missing links when an integrated development is aimed at in a given territory. It enables the user to gain insight in ongoing humanitarian aid, research and development projects, and how to move forward.

For a more detailed description of DevSAT® with some practical examples of the possible analyses, please download the introduction (button in the left margin).

Trimpact is official provider of the platform DevSAT®, and of training workshops for DevSAT users and the DevSAT® Facilitator Licensing Course. Finally, Trimpact provides assistance to organizations in increasing Synergy and Alignment.

With DevSAT® this situation can be altered so that each organization knows who is doing what, where, when, and when, for whom, to increase impact.

Often accepted, but in fact an inefficient situation reducing the impact of all.

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A new way forward

Download Introduction DevSAT®

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