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Alignment towards a common goal leads to more outputs and outcomes. Especially when results of one can be used by another.

Synergy and alignment are key factors to increase impact

The essence of personal development is to follow one’s vision. When all conditions would be favourable it can be realized without effort within a short period of time.

When a Multi-Stakeholder Project or Program (MSP) is to be created, setting of the common vision and intermediate goals is a crucial step that goes beyond a simple brainstorm. It requires a Theory of Change Workshop and the courage of partners to be transparent in what they can do (i.e. what they can deliver) and what they need from others. It is only then that one can form an equal partnership that is build on trust and respect.

It is logic that such a process may take some time as function of the willingness of the various partners, and the complexity of the project. It should be realized, however, that the output of such a MSP exceeds the sum of the individual projects.  

Roads are required to get products to the market and inputs on the farm.

Building a block that fits within the larger Theory of change (example Ethiopia).

Presenting the Theory of change to Food security (example Uganda).

Inspiring organizations to align their work into teamwork

The first challenge is to overcome the fear that another party will walk away with your idea, your potential job, your new…. etc.

Based on our experience of running complex MSPs we guide organizations and/or projects in opening up to collaboration, seek their strength because of the alliance, reduce weaknesses through smart linking with other parties, perhaps even with those one never thought about.

The shared vision may be that strong that parties see new opportunities that provide them with a feeling of ‘let’s do that together’ because the result is so appealing to all involved. It is that spirit that will help to overcome the fear and make collaboration fun and rewarding in multiple aspects.      

Vision creation by MSPs

Roles and responsibility

Integrated thinking and acting

Towards SDGs

Alignment Building a common vision

Collective action is unavoidable as the post-2015 UN development agenda stresses. “Today’s complex and interconnected world clearly needs collaboration and partnerships between interest groups spanning the boundaries of business, government, civil society and science”.

Stakeholder alignment and synergy is indispensable for getting impact.

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An interactive Theory of Change (I-ToC) could be of help to make it visible how parties can work together. An I-ToC is a nested Theory of Change based on various ToCs at different levels of scales, that can be assessed by the various stakeholders. This is an innovative ToC to be built in collaboration with the various stakeholders so that the various ministerial plans, development plans of lower administrative areas and research and project plans are included so that the development pathways, the intermediate steps (results) and interactions between those plans are properly identified and assumptions are fully taken into account. With the progress of getting results, the I-Toc adapt itself, so it shows the state of development 24/7.