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Bringing value to life


Social entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship with a social mission

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise NL states: ‘Social entrepreneurs look for innovative solutions to societal challenges. A social enterprise delivers just like any other company product or service and a business model. Making money is not the main goal, it is a means to accomplish the mission. The purpose of social enterprise is to create social value, also known as 'impact'.

Social enterprises are located between charities and commercial companies and form a new sector.

Social Enterprise UK uses the (European) definition: a social enterprise:

  1. Is primarily a social mission: to impact first!
  2. Realizes that as an independent company that provides a service or product.
  3. Is financially self-sufficient, based on trade or other forms of value-exchange, and therefore little or not dependent on grants or subsidies.
  4. Is social in the way the business is conducted:
  1. profit is allowed, but the financial goals at the service of the mission: to increase the social impact. Profits are recognized by any shareholders is reasonable.
  2. governance and policies are based on a balanced control of all involved.
  3. fair to everyone.
  4. conscious of its ecological footprint.
  5. is transparent.

This definition fits our way of working. Moreover, our name refers to triple impact, i.e. with respect to People, Planet and Prosperity. Happiness should in fact be included as the envisioned change should be light hearted, but than our name would have became to difficult to pronounce.