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Sustainable Integrated  Development Planning (SIDP)

Sustainable Integrated Development Planning is a multi-stakeholder process that is carried out at various levels of scale. The highest level of scale, in terms of agro-ecological or landscape, is an entire water basin. When political issues are further incorporated, that water basin will become part of a regional (e.g. CEDEAO) or continental scale (African Union). The lowest level is the level of the household (see also PIP approach).

Consequently, each level has its stakeholders and policies of a higher level of scale should be accounted for at a lower scale. An example, for the Sourou basin in Mali, is given below.

Based on a common vision, the stakeholders formulate the plan while the consequences of the actions should also be considered. Therefore, they should analyse the consequences at the same time as the planning: e.g. by performing the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), that includes socio-economic aspects as well.

Trimpact was part of the planning and SEA team for the Sourou in Mali (see the two reports below). The Ministry of Environment granted it the Environmental Permit in June 2019. Trimpact also carried out the Synergy&Alignment analysis of current projects to that plan (executed in three ‘Cercles’ and having 17 strategic development axes), as illustrated in the table below.

This Sustainable Integrated Development Planning approach provides the beacons for future collaboration whereby the vision of all stakeholders translates into a doable plan where interdisciplinary collaboration pursuits a common goal of development and create a lasting impact.

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