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IATI Standard is a technical publishing framework allowing data to be compared.

An international standard to guide development

IATI is a voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks to improve the transparency of aid, development, and humanitarian resources in order to increase their effectiveness in tackling poverty. IATI brings together donor and recipient countries, civil society organisations, and other experts in aid information who are committed to working together to increase the transparency and openness of aid.

From 2016 onwards it’s obligatory in the subsidy framework of The Netherlands (and many other countries) to publish data in IATI standard.  

Trimpact uses in DevSAT the IATI-standard model and has added some questions related, e.g. to geographical position at lowest administrative level and SDG targets, to make it even more usable for the various stakeholders. Organizations can DevSAT to publish their projects in IATI. In this way we serve our goal to create ‘Transparency and integration of disciplines at various levels of scale’.

Inspiring projects for more efficient sharing of knowledge

Trimpact is registered as an secondary Publisher at IATI, so that we can:


In this way we facilitate your project(s) or organisation to become more transparent along the international agreements.

Making IATI data visible

Linked to SDG targets

Allowing others to build further

Transparency for more impact

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Developing countries face huge challenges in accessing up-to-date information about aid, development, and humanitarian flows – information that they need to plan and manage those resources effectively. Similarly, citizens in developing countries and in donor countries lack the information they need to hold their governments accountable for the use of those resources. IATI aims to address these challenges by making information about aid spending easier to access, use, and understand.